The Flat Route

North Platte, Bayard, NE
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When the United States was young, it did what other mercantile regimes before it had done: It established trade relations with the natives of its "empire."
Yucca, Windlass Hill, NE
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Traveling the Oregon Trail was tough. Why did they do it — those who went west in the days before planes, trains, and automobiles?
Ore Wagon Detail, South Pass City, WY
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Gold mining lured people out of the United States to California, the Rocky Mountains, and the Black Hills.
Old Bedlam, Fort Laramie
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Policing the Oregon Trail fell under the responsibility the Federal Army.
At Pack Creek Ranch, Moab, UT
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I traveled west to meet some Internet pen pals with whom I correspond daily about motorcycles. We thought it would be fun to get together in real life to ride some thrilling mountain roads through rustic Western scenery.
Old US 30, Elkhorn, NE
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The Oregon Trail was merely the first of various kinds of infrastructure that have traversed the flat route.
Minimal Maintenance Road, US 20, NE
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Here are the all the snapshots I saved in the order I took them.

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